THE DESIGN PRIZE has been initiated by Abitare magazine and Designboom

THE DESIGN PRIZE initiative is a global annual award program to celebrate excellence on a global scale -individuals or groups, events, exhibitions, installations, institutions, public spaces, projects and research studies and activities that had significant impact on the design sector in the previous year.The publishers' intention for the following editions is to encourage the cultural involvement of partners and sponsors. International media partnerships and collaborations with international institutions are planned.The GALA AWARD CEREMONY events production are by Pry

You may be thinking, another design award?
Yes… but this one has an unusual format, positioning itself as a contemporary and provocative alternative to the formalism of our times.

The world of design is a complex universe. It traverses many disciplines and is no longer reducible to the production of consumable goods created through industrial processes. It is now more and more difficult to distinguish between art, architecture, design (in its many and varied iterations) and craft… even clarifying what a designer is tends to be complicated. Design today has expanded into almost every aspect of our lives.

The creative process and the project path have become atomized and multifaceted, and are increasingly dependent on a broad pool of professionals with diverse specializations. A project cannot be carried out without the aid of many—with the designer acting as instigator and coordinator. In addition to this, technologies and communication have changed the traditional field, modifying our methods of planning, producing, utilizing, sharing, selling and buying: all of these are now viable grounds for design.

From backstage to centre stage, THE DESIGN PRIZE is created from the inside out.This initiative recognizes both the extraordinary achievements and little sparks of beauty, and delight that have emerged over the past 12 months. 


THE DESIGN PRIZE is organized into 10 categories:

  • 1. Social Impact: Improvements in the public realm, like public spaces, mobility, infrastructure and so on
  • 2. Distribution: Shop Design and Retail, Packaging,...
  • 3. Communication: Branding, Advertising campaign, Print & Online Magazines and so on
  • 4. In the artistic realm: (limited) Design/Art Edition
  • 5. Exhibition Design: Spatial Design
  • 6. Experimentation: Research, Education and so on
  • 7. Design Curator and Design Critic (exhibition / design event / design week, ...)
  • 8. Best Design Newcomer
  • 9. Best Designer
  • 10. Lifetime Achievement