Each year, THE DESIGN PRIZE statuette takes on a new shape, every subsequent version adding to a ongoing artistic embodiment of the city of Milan. For each iteration of the awards, we approach an artist, designer or architect to reinterpret a Milanese landmark into a limited edition statuette. Over the years, Milan will be immortalized as a collection of precious artworks that map out the vibrant history of a city that is always growing, never sitting still. In this way, THE DESIGN PRIZE in inextricably linked to the city of Milan. 

For THE DESIGN PRIZE 2017, the golden Madonnina, symbolizing the pinnacle of excellence, has been designed and conceived by philanthropist, banker-turned-artist, Vasily Klyukin. The Russian creative has envisioned a limited edition of 10 stainless steel pieces, comprising a sequence of independent parts that intersect to create the three dimensional form of the golden icon.